Linux and Beer

Time: 8:13 PM

I installed Windows 10 on my computer a couple of months ago so that I could learn it. I mostly did this because I’m a Desktop tech, and I work on Windows for a living. I also wanted to play video games, but my Xbox One solves that problem.

I kind of hate Windows, as anyone who knows me quickly finds out. So tonight, I’m switching back to a sane operating system.

It’s time to crack open some beers and install my distro of choice: Arch Linux.

This my plan for the first stage of my setup:

Distribution: Arch Linux
Window Manager: i3

Too simple? Nah. I’m going to keep it minimalist for now. I want it to be pretty (unixporn pretty), because aesthetics do matter a lot to me. But that will probably come tomorrow. For tonight, let’s just rid my computer of Windows forever more.

Time: 8:34 PM

While doing one last backup of my hard drive, I downloaded the Arch iso and used USBWriter to create a bootable USB stick. (No, I don’t have Cygwin installed, so no dd.)

I also printed off the Installation instructions on the Arch wiki, because it’s been a while, and I dislike using my phone to follow instructions like that.
Backup is now complete.

Goodbye, Microsoft.

Time: 8:49 PM

Hahaha. I almost forgot to backup my second hard drive, and I really want to wipe them both when I do this. Woops.

Ah well. Backup continuing while beer is consumed.

Time: 9:27 PM

Just now getting to the Arch install. Apparently it doesn’t like my Nvidia card with the default Noveau drivers. Had to set the kernel parameter to nomodeset to get the installer to boot. This prevents it from ising those drivers, which I guess affects the installer’s resolution?

I don’t really care. It’s just a bunch of text right now, anyway. Who needs resolution?

Time: 10:17 PM

Yeesj, this is taking longer than I thought it would. Stupid wpa_supplicant. I know it’s probably my wireless USB adapter, but I finally just conceded defeat and ran an Ethernet cable to my PC. I’ll figure it out after I get Arch installed.

Time: 11:23 PM

Well, I had hoped to write more, but I kept running into problems… And it’s hard to write while also reading the Wiki, especially on my phone. So suffice to say that Arch is finally installed, along with i3, and I’m calling it a night.

After one last beer…

#arch, #linux